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How Michael Bloomberg and the New York Times
sold out the people of New York
to further the
interests of the 1%

Mike! Wall Street’s Mayor is the story of how the most dominant political figure in New York’s modern history, with the support of the New York Times, leveraged his vast wealth and political power to govern in the interest of the 1%.

The mechanisms by which those with vast wealth corrupt our politics and our society more generally are exposed by this revealing account of Michael Bloomberg’s Wall Street and political careers.

New York’s real estate developers, Wall Street bankers, newspaper publishers, and corporate CEOs—the city’s richest citizens–applaud Michael Bloomberg’s Luxury City plan and celebrate his mayoralty.  Religious, cultural and civic leaders are paid to sing his praises, while their congregations and constituents–the 99%–are victimized by his policies.

The mega-billionaire who will leave behind a $100 billion dollar municipal debt and who resists regulating Wall Street and raising taxes on the rich controls a foundation holding hundreds of millions of dollars in untaxed, offshore bank accounts. The self-proclaimed champion of civil rights and civil liberties presides over the arrest and jailing of hundreds of thousands of young black and Hispanic New Yorkers on trumped up trespassing and marijuana possession charges. His is the legacy of a failed mayoralty, a betrayal of all but the richest New Yorkers.

Due in May 2012, Mike! is the compelling, often surprising account of the life of the Wall Street billionaire who became Wall Street’s Mayor.

Book specifications

  • Author: Neil Fabricant
  • Illustrator: Keith Seidel
  • Available as a 6×9″Paperback and Kindle eBook
  • Publisher: Hacks & Flacks Press
  • Publication Date: May 16, 2012
  • Pages: 214
  • ISBN: 978-0-9849111-1-0
  • LCCN: 20119455338
  • List Price (print version): $15.95
  • List Price (Kindle version): $3.99
  • Bulk discounts available to qualifying groups or organizations

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